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  • Mo Liu is you Book Launch in Zurich & Basel

    ZURICH Saturday 10 June 13.00 - 21.30h 19.00 - 1930h: Sogetsu Ikebana Performance by Hedy Leung Meow Kong Store, St Jakobstrasse 41 Part of the Random Diaries exhibition and Art Basel VIP Programme East Asian refreshments provided by Meow Kong BASEL Tuesday 13 June 18.00 - 21.00h PF25 cultural projects, Pfeffergässlein 25 Music Mixology by Hedy Leung & Hong Kong street food by Celine Ngai Event registration: Pre-order: Concept and work: Hedy Leung & Angelika Li Book design: HE&AD Büro für Gestaltung Text editing: Stefan Lorenzutti Art preparation: Corinna Rieber Prepress Printing and binding: Grammlich, Publisher: PF25 cultural projects, Basel 2023 First edition with a printrun of 99 copies Each numbered and signed, CHF 80 each. Supported by Chinyan Wong, Christoph Merian Stiftung, and mobani

  • 202200080026 Sogetsu Ikebana Performance by Hedy Leung - ZURICH

    '202200080026' Sogetsu Ikebana Performance by Hedy Leung, as part of the 'Random Diaries' exhibition and Art Basel VIP Programme Saturday, June 10, 2023: 6 - 9:30 pm Performance: 7-7:30 pm Location: St. Jakobstrasse 41, 8004 Zurich RSVP to Celine Ngai, +41 76 696 40 66, Taking inspiration from other works in this exhibition and primarily based on her recent migration journey from Hong Kong to London, Hedy Leung has created a group of vessels entitled '202200080026' (2023) (d), which embody diasporic sentiments. Adapted from the title format used in both her visual ikebana diary and personal journal, the artwork is aptly named as a record of her move from her homeland to a new destination. The hand-built vessels are constructed - and protected - using packing materials including the sheer papers Hedy received from a logistics company as the first layer, while newsprint wrapping papers form the second layer. The final layer is strengthened with newspapers collected from an ikebana shop where she ordered materials from Japan. The artist then dyed the newspapers in the iconic colours of the Red-White-Blue bag to further imbue the artwork with the spirit of the journey. The packing materials are transformed into vessels of memories documenting her personal and emotional journeys. In the Sogetsu Ikebana performance as part of the exhibition, Hedy interacts with the vessels and invites the audience to reflect on the essence of ikebana, which is to live in the moment. The vessels also serve as a reminder to cherish and appreciate the precious items and memories that we carry with us. Each layer of protection used in the construction of the vessels represents the care and importance given to those items that are most precious. Excerpted from the curatorial essay 'Random Diaries 2019-2023' About the exhibiton Meow Kong and PF25 cultural projects are delighted to present 'Random Diaries,' the first chapter of the 'Homeland in Transit' exhibition series to be showcased in Zurich. Opening from May 13 to June 18, 2023, this chapter presents recent works created from 2019 to the present by eight Hong Kong and Swiss artists: Tashi Brauen, Oscar Chan Yik Long, Leung Chi Wo, Hedy Leung, Lo Lai Lai Natalie, Andreas Marti, Angela Su & Wai Pong Yu, curated by Angelika Li. Interweaving a diverse range of mediums, the exhibition unveils the artists' kaleidoscope of memories, emotions, and consciousness, reflecting their observations of the constantly changing environment through their 'mind's eye.' Amid the current global instability, this chapter of the 'Homeland in Transit' exhibition series conveys fluidity, transience, and resilience that are integral to its narratives, evoking a sense of chance and risk-taking. It leaves us wondering: where will these transformations lead us?

  • We stay up late to behold the beauty of the stars. A solo exhibition by Bouie Choi

    PF25 cultural projects Residency, Community Projects & Exhibitions May - June in Basel Introducing our resident artist in May & June Bouie Choi (b. 1987, Hong Kong, lives & works in Hong Kong) Bouie Choi grew up in Hong Kong, surrounded by high-rise buildings that shape the city's urban landscape. Through her paintings, she weaves together fragments of memory and collected stories to depict the co-existence of the visible and invisible, light and darkness, and the real and surreal. Bouie uses the force of urban imagery and light to create a manifestation of infinite borrowed space and time, bridging the gap between tangibles and intangibles. Recently, she has focused on using wood to explore the definition of freedom, employing multi-perspective and layers of time to deepen her state of mind. ​ After receiving her MA at Chelsea College of Art and Design in 2012, Choi started participating in community art and cross-media collaborations. Her unwavering commitment to painting is driven by a profound curiosity about how the environment and social values leave lasting impressions on individuals. Her works play with absurdity from different contexts, finding them carriers and bringing new meanings to texts, objects, and two-dimensional art. Choi also participates in community art programs and has formed an art collective with other Hong Kong artists named the "CHT. Art Project". ​ During Bouie's residency in Basel, we invite you to bring a postcard of your homeland to the community event on 31 May, where you can share your stories with us. This exchange will serve as part of the inspiration for Bouie's upcoming exhibition, entitled 'We stay up late to behold the beauty of the stars,' which opens in Basel on 13 June. Her exhibition seeks to capture the emotional resonance and complexity between the interior and exterior worlds, the physical and metaphysical, and the multi-perspectives of far and close oscillating between different times and dimensions. ​ Click here for the PF25 May & June Programme. Programme Stories Exchange Community Event Bring a postcard and share your stories! Wednesday, 31 May 2023 Doors open: 18h Sharing session by the artist: 19h Venue: Nonnenweg 45, 4055 Basel Register: ​ We stay up late to behold the beauty of the stars a solo exhibition by Bouie Choi as part of the Homeland in Transit exhibition series and PF25 cultural projects and residency Time : Tuesday, 13 June 18 -21h Venue: Pfeffergässlein 25, 4051 Basel, entrance at Nadelberg 33 Register: ​ Viewing by appointment only until 30 June:​ ​ The above programme is supported by Christoph Merian Stiftung Hong Kong Arts Development Council mobani Simone Berger Battegay Achtsamkeit Basel Event sponsor: Meow Kong ​ Programme curator : Angelika Li Programme coordinator: Celine Ngai ​ ​ ​

  • Save the Date: Random Diaries opening in Zurich on Saturday 13 May

    Random Diaries Tashi Brauen Oscar Chan Yik Long Leung Chi Wo Hedy Leung Lo Lai Lai Natalie Andreas Marti Angela Su Wai Pong Yu Curated by Angelika Li Co-presented by Meow Kong and PF25 cultural projects as part of the 'Homeland in Transit' exhibition series Vernissage: Saturday, 13 May 2023, 14 - 20 Art Week Event: Saturday, 10 June 2023, 18 - 21.30 19-1930 Sogetsu Ikebana Performance by Hedy Leung East Asian refreshments provided by Meow Kong Exhibition: 16 May - 18 June, Tue - Sat 11 - 19 Two Sundays 11 & 18 June, 11 - 19 Venue: Meow Kong St Jakobstrasse 41, 8004 Zurich +41 79 264 90 00 Press Enquiries: +41 76 781 76 78 Link to Press Folder Link to the Project Page All images credit to the artists.

  • Sogetsu Ikebana by Hedy Leung at Vitrahaus on 2 April

    UPDATES: Sogetsu Ikebana Demonstration by Hedy Leung with vessels by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec and Laura Sattin Sunday, 2 April 2023, 3.30pm Vitrahaus, Vitra Design Museum Charles-Eames-Strasse, Weil am Rhein Free entrance Please note that due to unpredictable weather conditions, the ikebana event venue is moved from Tadao Ando's Conference Pavilion to Vitrahaus. Info from Vitra: The flowering of cherry blossoms makes early spring one of the most beautiful times on the Vitra Campus. The cherry trees around the Conference Pavilion by Tadao Ando are an integral part of the Japanese architect’s building concept, highlighting their significance in traditional Japanese culture. No registration is necessary. However, we do reserve the right to cancel the event in the case of bad weather. Up-to-date information can be found on our social media channels or in the ‘News’ section of the Vitra Campus app. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by sending an email to or calling +497621702-3510. Eine Anmeldung ist nicht erforderlich. Wir behalten uns jedoch vor, die Veranstaltung bei schlechtem Wetter abzusagen. Bitte besuchen Sie für aktuelle Informationen unsere Social-Media-Kanäle oder die News auf der Vitra Campus App. Bei Fragen können Sie uns gerne kontaktieren, per E-Mail an oder telefonisch unter +497621702-3510. Photo: Dejan Jovanovic, Vitra Design Museum Click here to learn more about Ikebana International Basel Chapter Hedy Leung on Ikebana Ikebana gives life to the present moment. Every moment counts, not one moment repeats itself. Ikebana is an encounter between humans and plants. Flowers and stems are given a new life when they are arranged in a vessel or a space. Ikebana allows flowers and vessels, which exist on their own, to become one. A different harmonious beauty is created. Ikebana is a tactile art. Enjoying visual movement through our hands, it allows us unique opportunities to experience the flower, the vessel and space. In the practice of Ikebana, we will explore the flower’s rhythm flows in our imaginations and the inspiring energy between the organic vessels and the plant arrangements.

  • Sogetsu Ikebana Workshops by Hedy Leung returns to Basel in March!

    Places are limited. Please send your request with the workshop date(s), the names of the participants in an email to Private and corporate workshops are available on request. IG: @modanzski

  • The first Homeland in Transit and PF25 cultural projects event in Hong Kong!

    Hong Kong x Basel with Angelika Li Hosted by 1983, Wing Lung Wai, Kam Tin Sunday, January 15 2023 from 18:30 A big thank you to Tang Kwok Hin who hosted our first event in Hong Kong at his art space 1983 in Kam Tin, the New Territories - a homey atmosphere warmed my heart which has been away for three years and ten months. Our heartfelt gratitude goes to the artists and curators who have contributed to our programmes and exhibitions! We look forward to working with many of you in upcoming projects in Switzerland and Germany in the energetic Year of the Rabbit!

  • sogetsu ikebana workshop by certified practitioner Hedy Leung

    as part of PF25 cultural projects' autumn programme, the following sogetsu ikebana Japanese flower arrangement workshops are now available in Basel in November: Group workshop: 04.11 1800-1930h maximum of 6 participants per workshop Private workshop available dates: Saturday 5 Nov Wednesday 9 Nov Wednesday 16 Nov Thursday 17 Nov private workshop 4 to 6 participants Where: Pfeffergässlein 25, 4051 Basel via Nadelberg 33 How much: CHF80 per person What is included: demonstration, tools and materials will be provided, flowers can be taken with you after the workshop Registration is essential: email your name, contact number and date of workshop to Find out more about sogetsu ikebana, the workshop and the practitioner here. Support PF25 cultural projects!

  • PF25 autumn pop-up 'hands project' opening on Spalenberg 30 on Friday 21 October 17-20h

    As part of this autumn programme, certified sogetsu ikebana practitioner Hedy Leung will lead workshops to share her practice with the participants. Vessels used in the workshop are made especially for the workshop by artist Dorothee Sauter. When: Fridays 21.10 28.10 1800-1930h; Saturdays 29.10 4.11 1630-1800h Where: Pfeffergässlein 25, 4051 Basel How much: CHF80 per person (limited to a maximum of 6 in a workshop) What is included: Demonstration, tools and materials will be provided, flowers can be taken with you after the workshop Registration is essential: email your name, contact number and date of workshop to Private workshop available on request

  • Homeland in Transit: Streetscapes

    Community Event: Let's have a drink and walk in the streets of Hong Kong Friday 2 September 18-20 or till it ends!

  • Difference / Indifference by Isaac Chong Wai for Kunsttage Base.

    Apply Now: Apply now!

  • HONG KONG VIDEO NIGHT Programme is Online!

    Hong Kong Video Night Programme 20 May 2022 Freilager-Platz 9, Münchenstein/Basel 20 May 2022 1900 - 1915 European Premiere 1. Angela Su ‘This is Not a Game’ (2021), 11 mins 16 secs ​ 1915 - 2000 Artist Conversation with Angelika Li, PF25 cultural projects founder and curator Alexandra Stäheli, director of Atelier Mondial ​ 2000 - 2222 Screening 2. Kongkee ‘River’ (2020), Animation, 5 mins 3 secs 3. Kongkee ‘I just can't find myself, most of the time’ (2020), Animation, 1 min 56 secs 4. Lo Lai Lai Natalie ‘Cold Fire’ (2019-2020), 10 mins 18 secs 5. MAP Office ‘The Book of Waves’ (2018), Animation, 2 mins 6. Yim Sui Fong ‘Black Bird Island’ (2017), 6 mins 32 secs 7. Lo Lai Lai Natalie ‘Weather girl Halo Daisy’ (2016), 6 mins 32 secs 8. Luke Ching ‘Pixel’ (2014), 43 secs 9. Leung Chi Wo ‘Suck/Blow’ (2003), 4 mins 10. Law Yuk Mui ‘On Junk Bay, The Plant’ (1990-present), 2 mins 56 secs 11. May Fung ‘Image of a City’ (1990), 11 mins 12. May Fung ‘She Said Why Me’ (1989), 8 mins ​ Total of the video: 12 (approx. 71 mins) Click here for more info. Programme Curator: Angelika Li Visual Direction: Donald Mak Technical Team: Désirée and Celina Co-ordination: Kennis Falkner Co-presenters: PF25 cultural projects and Atelier Mondial Supporter: Christoph Merian Stiftung. ​ Image: Leung Chi Wo ‘Suck/Blow’ (2003), 4 mins. Courtest of the artist.

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