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We stay up late to behold the beauty of the stars. A solo exhibition by Bouie Choi

PF25 cultural projects

Residency, Community Projects & Exhibitions May - June in Basel

Introducing our resident artist in May & June Bouie Choi (b. 1987, Hong Kong, lives & works in Hong Kong) Bouie Choi grew up in Hong Kong, surrounded by high-rise buildings that shape the city's urban landscape. Through her paintings, she weaves together fragments of memory and collected stories to depict the co-existence of the visible and invisible, light and darkness, and the real and surreal. Bouie uses the force of urban imagery and light to create a manifestation of infinite borrowed space and time, bridging the gap between tangibles and intangibles. Recently, she has focused on using wood to explore the definition of freedom, employing multi-perspective and layers of time to deepen her state of mind. After receiving her MA at Chelsea College of Art and Design in 2012, Choi started participating in community art and cross-media collaborations. Her unwavering commitment to painting is driven by a profound curiosity about how the environment and social values leave lasting impressions on individuals. Her works play with absurdity from different contexts, finding them carriers and bringing new meanings to texts, objects, and two-dimensional art. Choi also participates in community art programs and has formed an art collective with other Hong Kong artists named the "CHT. Art Project". During Bouie's residency in Basel, we invite you to bring a postcard of your homeland to the community event on 31 May, where you can share your stories with us. This exchange will serve as part of the inspiration for Bouie's upcoming exhibition, entitled 'We stay up late to behold the beauty of the stars,' which opens in Basel on 13 June. Her exhibition seeks to capture the emotional resonance and complexity between the interior and exterior worlds, the physical and metaphysical, and the multi-perspectives of far and close oscillating between different times and dimensions. Click here for the PF25 May & June Programme.

Programme Stories Exchange Community Event Bring a postcard and share your stories! Wednesday, 31 May 2023 Doors open: 18h Sharing session by the artist: 19h Venue: Nonnenweg 45, 4055 Basel Register: We stay up late to behold the beauty of the stars a solo exhibition by Bouie Choi as part of the Homeland in Transit exhibition series and PF25 cultural projects and residency Time : Tuesday, 13 June 18 -21h Venue: Pfeffergässlein 25, 4051 Basel, entrance at Nadelberg 33 Register: Viewing by appointment only until 30 June: The above programme is supported by

Christoph Merian Stiftung

Hong Kong Arts Development Council


Simone Berger Battegay Achtsamkeit Basel Event sponsor: Meow Kong Programme curator : Angelika Li Programme coordinator: Celine Ngai

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