The Homeland in Transit identity is a neutral alphanumeric typeface with monospace structure mixed with Morse code. Based on the everyday elements we encounter on journeys and travels -- train station and airport display boards, baggage tags, boarding passes, electronic tickets – the layout is a mix of simple information presented to be universally and easily understood with incomprehensible codes and symbols applied for professional or technical purposes. Letters, numbers, dots and dashes flow erratically to fill whatever area it needs to cover.

Designed by Donald Mak

Thank you very much for joining us at our first HOMELAND in TRANSIT VIDEO TALKS which was launched in Basel on Tuesday 25th February in which we presented Hong Kong artists May Fung and Law Yik Mui’s video works. Many congratulations to the two artists on the first presentation of their works in Switzerland. 🎥📹

A big thank you to the audience who brought us non-native plants and shared with us their stories to make the video installation of Law Yuk Mui’s ‘Junk Bay, The Plant’ (1990-present) more alive. Stay tuned as the installation will continue to grow in Basel. 🌴🍀🌿🌵

Thank you again to the two Hong Kong artists May Fung and Law Yuk Mui for making a video conversation for our VIDEO TALKS in Basel, especially during this difficult time of the coronavirus outbreak in Hong Kong. Our thoughts go to the Hongkongers. 🙏🏼

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