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202200080026 Sogetsu Ikebana Performance by Hedy Leung - ZURICH

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

'202200080026' Sogetsu Ikebana Performance by Hedy Leung, as part of the 'Random Diaries' exhibition and Art Basel VIP Programme

Saturday, June 10, 2023: 6 - 9:30 pm

Performance: 7-7:30 pm

Location: St. Jakobstrasse 41, 8004 Zurich

RSVP to Celine Ngai, +41 76 696 40 66,

Taking inspiration from other works in this exhibition and primarily based on her recent migration journey from Hong Kong to London, Hedy Leung has created a group of vessels entitled '202200080026' (2023) (d), which embody diasporic sentiments. Adapted from the title format used in both her visual ikebana diary and personal journal, the artwork is aptly named as a record of her move from her homeland to a new destination.

The hand-built vessels are constructed - and protected - using packing materials including the sheer papers Hedy received from a logistics company as the first layer, while newsprint wrapping papers form the second layer. The final layer is strengthened with newspapers collected from an ikebana shop where she ordered materials from Japan. The artist then dyed the newspapers in the iconic colours of the Red-White-Blue bag to further imbue the artwork with the spirit of the journey. The packing materials are transformed into vessels of memories documenting her personal and emotional journeys.

In the Sogetsu Ikebana performance as part of the exhibition, Hedy interacts with the vessels and invites the audience to reflect on the essence of ikebana, which is to live in the moment. The vessels also serve as a reminder to cherish and appreciate the precious items and memories that we carry with us. Each layer of protection used in the construction of the vessels represents the care and importance given to those items that are most precious.

Excerpted from the curatorial essay 'Random Diaries 2019-2023'

About the exhibiton

Meow Kong and PF25 cultural projects are delighted to present 'Random Diaries,' the first chapter of the 'Homeland in Transit' exhibition series to be showcased in Zurich. Opening from May 13 to June 18, 2023, this chapter presents recent works created from 2019 to the present by eight Hong Kong and Swiss artists: Tashi Brauen, Oscar Chan Yik Long, Leung Chi Wo, Hedy Leung, Lo Lai Lai Natalie, Andreas Marti, Angela Su & Wai Pong Yu, curated by Angelika Li.

Interweaving a diverse range of mediums, the exhibition unveils the artists' kaleidoscope of memories, emotions, and consciousness, reflecting their observations of the constantly changing environment through their 'mind's eye.' Amid the current global instability, this chapter of the 'Homeland in Transit' exhibition series conveys fluidity, transience, and resilience that are integral to its narratives, evoking a sense of chance and risk-taking. It leaves us wondering: where will these transformations lead us?

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