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Sogetsu Ikebana Demonstration by Hedy Leung
Vitrahaus, Vitra Campus, March 2023


Sogetsu Ikebana by Hedy Leung
Giardina, Messe Basel March 2023
as part of the Ikebana International Switzerland 
Basel and Zurich Chapters Annual Exhibition

Ikebana gives life to the present moment.

Every moment counts,

not one moment repeats itself.


Ikebana is an encounter between humans and plants.

Flowers and stems are given a new life

when they are arranged in a vessel or a space.


Ikebana allows flowers and vessels,

which exist on their own, to become one.

A different harmonious beauty is created.


Ikebana is a tactile art.

Enjoying visual movement through our hands,

it allows us unique opportunities to experience the flower,

the vessel and space.


In the practice of Ikebana,

we will explore the flower’s rhythm flows

in our imaginations and the inspiring energy

between the organic vessels and the plant arrangements.

Hedy Leung

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member of the Sogetsu Teachers' Association

Sogetsu Ikebana Teachers' Diploma 3rd Grade Sankyu Shihan

member of Ikebana International Switzerland (Basel Chapter)


studied under the tutelage of sensei Mr Ho Hin Shing (1st Riji), Hong Kong

Exhibition & Project


PF25 cultural projects 'hands project' project concept and sogetsu ikebana demonstrations and workshops


Ikebana International Switzerland annual exhibition, Giardina, Zurich

Atelier Mondial & PF25 artist-in-residence October


Basel, London, Hong Kong



Coming Workshops

Sogetsu Ikebana by Hedy Leung

About the artist

Hedy Leung is a member of the Sogetsu Teachers' Association and Ikebana International Switzerland (Basel Chapter). She learnt under the tutelage of sensei Mr Ho Hin Shing (1st Riji) since 2017. In 2022, she received the Sogetsu Ikebana Teachers' Diploma (3rd Grade Sankyu Shihan).


Hedy is a certified senior Chinese medicated food dietician with the recognition of the International General Chinese Medicated Meal of Self Recovery Association as well as the Commercial Vocational Skill Certificate from The State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, The PRC.


In 2020, Hedy graduated with the Diploma Program in Practical Chinese Medicine (Chinese Medicine Nutritional Studies) at The University of Hong Kong School of Professional and Continuing Education. She has a bachelor degree of Social Science in Psychology Studies, Hong Kong Metropolitan University. Hedy has completed the BioGeometry Advanced Training in 2021 (Levels 4-6: Energy-Quality Balancing & Measurement, Environmental Energy Balancing and Design Principles). 

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