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Wolkenhof Experience - Homeland in Transit: Through the Clouds

We had such a memorable adventure learning about the history and heritage of Wolkenhof in a natural reserve forest area near Stuttgart this summer. Wolkenhof was the source of inspiration to our latest Homeland in Transit chapter 'Through the Clouds'. The place consists of a cluster of buildings and farmlands founded by Heinrich von Zügel (1850-1941), a founding member of the Munich Secession and pioneer of German Impressionism in 19th century. During that time, Wolkenhof was a meeting place for artists and the name literally means 'Clouds Court' in German.

A big thank you to Birgit Krüger and Eric Schmutz for the invitation and also for the introduction to the history, transformation, geological features and last but not least the amazing energy from the natural surroundings of Wolkenhof!

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