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HOMELAND in TRANSIT through the clouds with HK artists Luke Ching, Yim Sui Fong in Murrhardt, DE

Updated: May 12, 2021

We are very glad to have been invited by Ein Fenster inmitten der Welt, a window in the middle of the world in Murrhardt, Germany to continue our journey of the HOMELAND in TRANSIT series. Our next stop is in Wolkenhof and at the house of Heinrich von Zügel (*1850), a member of the Munich Secession and a pioneer of German Impressionism in 19th century. During that time, Wolkenhof was a meeting place for artists. Wolkenhof literally means 'clouds courtyard' in German. The name serves as a point of departure that gives inspiration to our new chapter.

More info to come soon. Stay tuned.

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