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Almost one year ago today, we launched the first chapter of HOMELAND in TRANSIT with works by eight Hong Kong artists. In only a few months, our world has changed dramatically and each word in this title has developed a wider scope of meanings and expanded relevance: we feel an urgent need to further communicate and encourage more exchanges and discussions. Updates on the next exhibition and VIDEO TALKS to come.▫️


The Homeland in Transit identity is a neutral alphanumeric typeface with monospace structure mixed with Morse code. Based on the everyday elements we encounter on journeys and travels -- train station and airport display boards, baggage tags, boarding passes, electronic tickets – the layout is a mix of simple information presented to be universally and easily understood with incomprehensible codes and symbols applied for professional or technical purposes. Letters, numbers, dots and dashes flow erratically to fill whatever area it needs to cover.

Designed by Donald Mak

As a precaution against the coronavirus, the organiser Kulturkreis Zollikon has decided to postpone the exhibition. New dates will be announced in due course.

We hope the virus will be controlled soon. Stay healthy!

Big Tree Event
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