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During the exhibition period from 1 Oct to 1 Nov, a different VIDEO TALKS can be viewed online. Click here and scroll down for the video.

Curator of HOMELAND in TRANSIT Angelika Li will be moderating the VIDEO TALKS between Hong Kong artist Kongkee and Berlin-based Japanese artist Yukihiro Taguchi at MOMENTUM, Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin this coming Saturday, 3 Oct.

A live-stream link will be available on

Left: Kongkee. Photo credit: Ben Tam

Centre: Yukihiro Taguchi. Courtesy of the artist

Right: Angelika Li. Photo credit: Julie Bailer

Stay tuned for more information of the programme: & Kulturkreis Zollikon

Photo: details of A Rhythm of Landscape 9 (2019), ballpoint pen on paper, 57.5cm x 68.4cm, by Wai Pong Yu. Courtesy of the artist.

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